wood fence

We offer three types of wood fence: custom designed, pre-made panels, & split rail.

Custom Designed (stick built)

A stick built wood fence can come in many styles and sizes.  There can be a space between the pickets or it can be solid.  Most fences can be anywhere between 3' and 6' high.  The pickets and posts come with a large variety of tops or caps.  These fences are built on site (no pre-made panels).  The wood is shipped in bundles, and as we open them we sort out the bad boards and posts.  This allows us to choose the best quality wood to build the best quality fence!

The wood we use for pickets and rails is western red cedar.  Above ground cedar will last as long as other wood if properly cared for.  The posts are pressure treated.  In the ground, they will outlast a cedar post. Pressure treated pickets and rails are full of moisture when installed, and as it dries can become warped and cracked, leading to a worn fence after a few weeks.  

A solid fence can have 1/4"-3/8" gaps between pickets.  Cedar is already dry when installed, so it won't shrink, crack, or warp.  It can be treated within 2-3 weeks.  All wood fencing should be treated with a stain or waterproofing.  If you skip this step, the life of your fence will be cut in half.  A wood fence should be treated every two years.  The average life of a wood fence is 10-15 years with bi-yearly maintenance.

These fences are sold installed only.  For more information on western red cedar, click here.

Pre-made Panels

Our pre-made panels are made of northern white cedar.  They come in a 6' height.  With this style, you will get a 90% solid fence at a low cost.  These come both installed & as a self-install.

Split Rail

Our split rail fence is made from pressure treated pine.  The style we carry is thick and heavy duty compared to many others on the market.  It comes in two and three rail versions.  These come both installed & as a self-install.