Kennels & protection cages


pet kennels and protection cages

Quick set-up: All panels are completely pre-fabricated--install 8 bolts and you are done!

Movable: If you need to relocate your kennel or cage, it is easy to do.

Storable: If not in use, your cages or kennels can be stored against any wall with mere inches of space.

Aesthetic: Welded construction for strength, function, and appearance.

Resale: Pre-owned kennels and cages keep their value.

Expandable: Add or remove panels to redesign your enclosure or add a roof panel for maximum security.

Facts About Kennels and Cages

Welded: Chain link construction for maximum strength and durability.

Mini legs: Keep bottom rail above grade to inhibit rust.

Continuous top and bottom welds: With weep space for condensation.

Fabric: Bolted to panels, not clipped

All steel parts: Hot-dip galvanized

Flip Latch: Requires a human hand to open and can be easily padlocked.

Kennel Sizes in Stock

6' wide x 10' long x 6' high

6' wide x 12' long x 6' high

10' wide x 10' long x 6' high

[Special order sizes: height 4', 5', or 6'; width & length 3'-12' panels; allow 4 to 10 work days.]

All kennels can be installed or self-install.