Chain Link

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chain link fence

Chain link fence is the most inexpensive way to fence in your yard.  It is available both installed or as a self-install.  If you choose to do it yourself, we will sell you the materials by the foot or the piece.  

There are three styles of chain link fence:  all galvanized, galvanized pipe and vinyl coated wire, & vinyl coated pipe and wire.

All Galvanized

In this style, all of the chain link fence materials are made from steel.  All galvanized coating goes on top to help prevent rusting.  There are different thicknesses available in the pipe and wire.  We stock residential and commercial grade materials.

Galvanized Pipe with Vinyl Coated Wire

This is our most popular style of chain link fence.  It comes in five different colors: forest green, white, brown, and black.

After the chain link fence materials are made, they can be vinyl coated.  This coating is bonded to the steel making it externally rust proof.  This coating is very durable in the heat or cold.

Vinyl Coated Pipe & Wire

This style has a vinyl coating on all of the materials.  If it were to get scratched, a touch up spray paint can be used.  It comes in three colors: forest green, brown, white, and black.  This fencing is 99% maintenance free.

Key Benefits

Chain link fence is the most inexpensive way to fence your yard!